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Help on Finding the Perfect Backup Program for You

October 13, 2012

If you’re not a power computer user, there is no need for you to be intimidated with backup programs. It’s important that you keep your computer data protect. There is a backup application that can protect your date whether your computer is a Mac or PC.

There are a number of backup programs that can create a full image backup of your computer hard drive. Excellent details here One example is DT Utilities PC. If you’re on a Windows computer, this backup solution will create a backup of all your Windows OS settings. Moreover, DT Utilities PC has a disaster recovery feature. Total hard drive failures can and do happen for a variety of reasons so having this backup program can help improve your odds of recovering your data.

Most software companies create programs that can be used by users with varying abilities and knowledge. One such program is called NovaBACKUP and it offers two modes. You can choose between the Simple View and Advanced View depending on your comfort level. If you’ve used a backup program in the past, go with the Advanced View mode. If this is your first time using backup software, you’ll want to choose Simple View. Simple View mode is very intuitive so complete novices will be able to use the software.

Some users may have some difficulty with the program’s copy mode. Copying data using the program comes in several modes. The icons and comments could use some improvement so they are much clearer and easier to understand, especially for novice users.

This particular service is affordable and offers plenty of features. CrashPlan has an impressive 448-bit encryption, which is practically unheard of. This means your sensitive data is safe on CrashPlan’s services. Subscription fees start at just $5 a month for unlimited backup storage space. Who isn’t able to afford $5 these days CrashPlan has many features that are excellent so it’s an online backup service that is of good value.

You’ll need to decide if you want a backup solution that you install on your computer or that lets you create backups online. Each of them has advantages so you’ll need to weigh them against each other ipad video training program. An inexpensive online backup service may be appealing but know that the monthly fees can add up.


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